HUD’s Office of Affordable Housing Programs (OAHP)

Compass provides HUD’s Office of Affordable Housing Programs (OAHP) with technology consulting, including the development of databases, complex financial models, web applications, and other products and solutions. Among these is a Web-based system (the “Resource Desk”) to provide information to HUD’s partners on the requirements governing $6 billion in transactions. This knowledgebase enables registered users to conduct research, and allows HUD to manage the process of developing and publishing guidance. The largest piece of Compass’ analytical work on behalf of the advisory team is the annual production of OAHP’s Sourcebook. The Sourcebook is an invaluable resource providing a detailed analysis of all of OAHP’s lines of business. This resource allows OAHP and other users of the information to quickly see how OAHP has performed for the current fiscal year as well as during the life of the program. This type of comprehensive evaluation is rarely seen within government agencies and has grown into the primary reporting tool for OAHP to Congress. Compass produces this report.

In 2009 OAHP was awarded $250 million in Federal stimulus funds, and authorized to design and implement a program to retrofit existing multifamily housing with green building technologies (the “Green Retrofit Program”). Compass continues to serve as a key advisor to OAHP through this evolution of its role in the preservation of housing. Compass designed and built the financial underwriting model that OAHP will use to assess the applications for stimulus funding.

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