Helping clients ensure good outcomes with public dollars through the design and implementation support of key affordable housing programs. Expert underwriting of both workouts and new investments for government clients—a deal-by-deal balancing of the economics of sustainability, program requirements, and policy goals

Our finance expertise, our asset management expertise, and our policy expertise are intertwined: a strong understanding of multifamily finance informs wise public policy, and our deep background in public policy is reflected in our work on clients’ transactions. We are expert underwriters—relying on numerous skills, including: markets, affordable housing management, development finance, regulatory compliance, green housing principles, sustainability and asset management.

Affordable housing requires expertise in finance, asset management, and policy. Compass has extensive experience in housing credits, tax-exempt bonds, FHA-insured mortgages, CDBG and HOME financing facilities, and other approaches to bridging the gap between the cost of safe, decent, affordable housing and the private market financing available to pay for it. In addition to understanding the rules and requirements governing these financing approaches, we understand their policy implications, long-term administrative requirements, and historical contexts.

Summary examples of our work in this area include: